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Solve Churn at  Scale
Now, precisely detect users who might stop using your product and take contextual actions in advance to retain them - Supercharged with Artificial Intelligence
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Reduce Churn with
Actionable Predictions
Find out
 who is at risk
Anticipate which of your users are at the risk of leaving your platform before occurence of the fatal churn events
Zero in on specific user signals elevating user's churn risk. Millions of user signals are analyzed to identify underlying churn drivers like a bad product experience, delayed customer service or a failed transaction
Know what
actions can retain them
Surprise your users by reaching out to them in advance with contextual actions and reduce your churn rate using Marax Action Recommendation System (M.A.R.S.)
Simple  Solution to a complex problem
Cut cost of Growth
It is 5x more expensive to acquire customers than to retain one. Retain your user proactively with user level churn predictions
Protect your Company Health
Start using a Future indicator of Churn to take actions which will directly impact the company’s future performance
Reduce Team Expense
You no longer have to rely on your engineering team to help you understand your users. Use our out of the box solution to help them build a better product for the future
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Improve your Customer's lifetime value by delivering Delightful Experiences to your users before critical churn events
Getting Started is easy
Integrate Data
Connect multiple data sources and let Marax AI Engine learn the behavior of your users
Take Actions
Use Marax Dashboard to take preventive actions on high risk customers through plug and play output integrations.
Marax learns the campaign’s impact on different sets of users to recommend actions for reducing churn. Sit back and watch your customers’ churn risk reduce with Marax!
Want us to do the heavy-lifting?
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the connected world
Mobile First
Churn Focus
Deep Learning
We live in a new era of Deep Learning and Big Data which is affecting everyone, everyday. Our focus is to solve Churn for Internet businesses using Proprietary Deep Learning Systems which are always learning & improving to give companies accurate predictions to act upon.
We work with tools you use to run your business
Connect multiple data stores and tools with Marax to have a seamless experience in retaining your users
Don't see the integration you want?
Don't wait until it's too late
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